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🚀 Why Get Listed on CallsPayBot?

Joining the CallsPayBot ecosystem allows your channel to tap into a vast audience of crypto enthusiasts and project owners. With streamlined payments and a transparent system, your channel's credibility will soar.

🔗 Steps to Request a Listing

  1. Navigate to Main Menu: Launch the CallsPayBot on Telegram.

  2. Apply for Listing: Click on the 💎 Apply For Listing button. This will guide you through a series of prompts to submit your channel for review.

  3. Review Process: Our team meticulously reviews each application, ensuring that our users are presented with only the best and most trustworthy channels.

⚠️ Important Note:

Being listed on CallsPayBot is a badge of honor. We are discerning about our trusted channels, emphasizing quality and reliability. While the prerequisites are stringent — you need to be substantial in size, demonstrably legitimate, and vouched for by several trusted channels — we believe in thoroughness. Every application, regardless of outcome, will receive feedback from our team. This commitment to quality ensures that our users always have the best experience.

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